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Signal to Noise is the first and only real-time music-driven game. A rail shooter first and foremost, in the vein of Starfox, Rez, and Tempest, it's music-driven in the sense that players select their own music from their personal library, or even live music, and the game analyzes that music continuously to directly affect the gameplay every single frame.

Analyzing more audio components than any music-driven game before, and all in real-time, Signal to Noise pieces together your experience based on the dynamics, pitch and tempo of your chosen track, interpreting it phrase-by-phrase and crafting your experience on the fly. Enemies, power-ups and the arenas themselves act differently each time you play a new tune. The game supports any mp3 audio file to build your own playlists (or online streaming music routing through your PC), and is even played at live music events.

Designed by passionate classic gamers, Signal to Noise has the strongest focus of any modern game on what made point-pressing and competitive high score play in classic arcade games so strategically deep and satisfying. With an understanding of this type of play unrivaled elsewhere in independent games, Signal to Noise has been designed for the players with the greatest understanding of the game and greatest skill to come out on top. Despite the significance of competitive play and depth of mechanics , the game is designed to be satisfying in a short amount of time for anyone with any musical tastes because we ourselves have tired of modern games requiring ridiculous amounts of time in order to get anything memorable out of them.

Welcome to the next generation of music-driven and hardcore arcade gaming.

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  • ZIP of Signal to Noise for PC
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